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The key to living a better life is changing habits, either stopping bad habits or starting good habits. The typical news cycle affords many opportunities for feature stories to help readers, viewers, or listeners find a better path in life. I can provide the practical information and insight on habit change that is of interest to your audience.

Email Dr HabitsMy book, Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning, points out that all personal growth involves changing habits. That’s because habits involve not only behavior, but thoughts and feelings, as well. When people change their habits, they change their lives.

Help your readers, listeners, or viewers find a path to a better life by informing them about the book, this website, and our presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Of particular interest on the website are the 17 areas of personal growth in the Habit Goals tab. These are the focus of my work. Examples of bad habits to stop and good habits to start are provided in each area. Articles on the Blog & More tab and videos on The Dr Habits Show tab illustrate how I communicate with my followers.

The links on this page provide information and graphics for your use.

Please consider me as your go-to person for anything related to personal growth and habits and email me so we can discuss how I can help serve your audience.

– Dave Sellars, PhD (aka Dr Habits®)