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More Support than Any Other Book on Changing Habits

Habit Support Group - Dr HabitsSupport is essential for anyone involved in personal growth and changing habits. That’s why more habit support is offered for readers of Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning than for any self-help book of its kind.

Blog Articles supplement and clarify content in the book. Examples are in the Blog & More tab above.

Outcome Visioning is the new means of motivation to help readers stay on track to achieve habit goals.

Dr Habits—Life Coach provides the background and qualifications of Dave Sellars, the author of the book and our leader.

The Dr Habits Show offers short videos hosted by Dave Sellars that educate and inspire readers.

Workshop Leader’s Guide provides readers with an opportunity to host a workshop and help others change habits. Program materials are FREE.

Changing Habits – Changing Lives Newsletter helps readers stay informed with the latest developments in personal growth. It is FREE and includes articles, case histories of people involved in changing habits, Q & A with Dr Habits, habit tips, and lots more. New subscribers get the FREE article 5 Prerequisites to Changing Your Life by Dave Sellars.

Click on the links to learn more about the extensive support for Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning. Buy the book to start changing habits and change your life.