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Habit Goals

Changing Habits: The Key to ALL Personal Growth - Habit GoalsChanging Habits: The Key to ALL Personal Growth. Want to change your life? Then change your habits.

How much is your personal growth dependent on changing your habits? Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning provides a compelling argument that all personal growth requires changing habits. That’s because habits involve not only repetitive behavior, but thoughts and feelings, as well. You can change your life by addressing the habits you have built up over time, whether they are behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. For example, overeating can be overcome, in part, by changing behavioral habits. Low self-esteem can be reduced by changing thought habits. Frequent fits of anger require a change in feeling habits.

What would you like to change about your life? You can find 17 areas of personal growth in the appendix of Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning, which are also listed here. You will see more than 200 bad habits to stop and 400 good habits to start. To start changing your life by changing your habits, identify two or three areas where you would like to make improvements. Click on them to find some examples of habits that could be addressed.

Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning will give you a step-by-step process and techniques to change your habits, your habit goals, and achieve future personal growth.